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13 December 2008 @ 04:32 pm

She is the rock to my President-Elect, and to be honest, the more awesome counterpart.

While I was compiling this picspam, I realized how much dislike there is for this amazing woman. She is poised, intelligent, strong, thoughtful, caring, funny, humble, honest person.

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27 ; Roswell ; "A Roswell Christmas Carol"
11 ; John Krasinski (+ Ben Gibbard)
18 ; Various television [Friday Night Lights, Pushing Daisies, The Office, Wonderfalls]
14 ; Misc. [Politics, Christmas]

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20 October 2008 @ 01:36 am

It's John Krasinski's 29th birthday today [20 October 2008]. To celebrate, a picspam of the one and only.

This took a really long time and comments are really appreciated!

For the most part, the fans of our show are really dedicated. So it's not just a celebrity sighting; it's a much bigger thing for them. They love seeing Jim! And I'm fine with never being called John for the rest of my life.Collapse )
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Medium: Television
Fandom: The Office
Subject: Jim/Pam
Title: Don't Go, Sunshine
Notes: Just a little thing inspired by "Baby Shower" and late night paper-writing. A sneak into Jim and Pam's during this separation. Enjoy and please comment if you take it!

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08 October 2008 @ 11:00 pm
218 [The Office ; "Good Bye Toby"]

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05 October 2008 @ 10:55 pm
21 [2008 Politics ; Barack/Michelle, Obama/Biden, Obama, Biden, etc.]
29 [Music ; stock, Sasquatch 2008 performers]

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19 July 2008 @ 12:05 pm
This is mostly for me, but I thought I'd share the love. Sorry about the unsizedness. I might go back and make them all the same.

indie pop-rock that could be heard on The OC or probably Gossip Girl [last.fm]
”Damnit Anna”
”Waiting for a War”
"Heavy Hearts”
"Grain of Salt”
Talking Through Tin Cans LP

The Morning Benders are Chris Chu, singer-songwriter, guitarist; Joe Ferrell, keyboardist, guitarist; Julian Harmon, percussion; and Tim Or, bassist (Tim recently replaced "DP" as the bassist for this group).

The Morning Benders site ; mySpace ; their blog ; Daytrotter Session ; YouTube user

There are a lot of reasons why I love this band so much. Every since I first saw them grace the Wookie Stage at the 2008 Sasquatch Music Festival I was in love. The guys are absolute cuties, they make amazing pop music in the vein of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and they are still in the phase where they're delightfully thankful for their fans. They're just four slightly awkward, slightly shy twenty-somethings who attended UC Berkely and now make music for a living. Not a bad life. Other notables that make me love them more: a photoshoot in a playground, and their releasing a covers EP track by track through various music blogs. So, even though they just released their debut LP, Talking Through Tin Cans at the beginning of May, there are already new track from the band trickling through from the The Bedroom Covers EP to their Daytrotter session, to some b-sides at their myspace.

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The Trip Wire article
RCRD interview
Daily Cal interview with Chris

Most pictures from their blog and their myspace.

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Photo from flickr [I saved it as "dogger670" but can't find the account now.]

alone in bed ;
for when you wake up with no one next to you ;
a break-up mix ;

01. "Together We're Both Alone"; Nicole Atkins
02. "Sway (Acoustic)"; The Perishers
03. "Girl Problem"; Her Space Holiday
04. "Dreaming With A Broken Heart"; John Mayer
05. "Morning Fog"; The Morning Benders
06. "A Bird's Song"; Ingrid Michaelson
07. "That Teenage Feeling"; Neko Case
08. "Opportunity to Cry"; Priscilla Ahn
09. "Teenage Love Song"; Rilo Kiley


Please ask if you want single track downloads and comment if you take!
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Photo from postsecret.

That part of me loves that part of him ; for when you know you shouldn't love him, but part of you still does because of the moments that make you believe, or want to believe it's right.

[Quote taken from Jenna Fischer's NPR interview.]

01. Slow Dancing in a Buring Room ; John Mayer
02. From South Caronlina ; Her Space Holiday
03. Pills ; The Perishers
04. You've Really Got A Hold On Me ; Thao Nguyen
05. The Ice is Getting Thinner ; Death Cab for Cutie
06. The Fear You Won't Fall ; Joshua Radin
07. I Should Have Known Better ; She and Him
08. Hello ; Schuyler Fisk
09. Mosquito ; Ingrid Michaelson
10. You Could Be Happy ; Snow Patrol
11. Happy Ending ; Mika
12. Heartbearts ; Jose Gonzalez
13. Into Eternity ; Jens Lekman


Please ask if you want single track downloads and comment if you take!
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25 ; [Angela Kinsey ; picspam]
11 ; [Ellen Page ; picspam]
04 ; [Kristen Chenoweth ; picspam]
01 ; [Kristen Chenoweth and Kristen Bell]
52 ; [Kristen Bell ; picspam]
02 ; [Jason Segel]
50 ; [Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, John/Jenna ; picspam]
08 ; [The Office ; "Michael's Birthday"]

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